Search Optimization

This is at the core of our services. We have driven BILLIONS of search visits over the last decade. We’re pretty damn good at it.

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Editorial Planning

At the center of all web presences needs to be a content plan. It’s easy to post content to a web site, it’s hard to be really smart about it.

Content Creation

We’ve developed a web of writers and editors through a number of partnerships. We know what we are good at, one of them is organizing and deploying a great content team.

Client Platform

We've created our own platform to help us work with and communicate with our clients. This platform provides some innovative site optimization tools that are not available everywhere -- plus some robust tools available in most platforms at very high costs.

Pay-Per-Click Management

There's a lot of agencies that provide PPC management services. Why choose High Peak Media to help manage this part of your business? Because it's part of our full Search Optimization program -- which includes both Organic as well as Paid Search Marketing. Two-Sides to the same coin.

Client Dashboard

We have a unique process around our content creation and search optimization services. Due to this unique nature, we've developed our own client dashboard where we combine a LOT of data together to make it useful for High Peak Media & for our clients.

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Click Management

Our newest offering (before the next new one comes out) is our Click Management platform. Think inexpensive BitLy platform with integrations into Google Analytics reporting.

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Next Steps...

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