Our Search Optimization service is the backbone for much of what we do at High Peak Media. During much of Kurt's career in the last 10 years of 'being an employee' was spent developing content site growth initiatives across many verticals, including; finance, technology, science, business, and general news, to name a few.

Some career success metrics of import:

  • As the SVP of Operations at TheStreet.com, Kurt lead growth initiatives that moved the company up from #12-14 according to ComScore to #6-8 in comScore in the Financial News vertical.
  • As the Chief Traffic Officer at Purch (formerly TechMediaNetwork and TopTenReviews), we went from #3 in the Technology vertical to #1 within the first year.
  • As the Chief Traffic Officer at Purch, our audience grew from 22 million visitors per month to 125 million visitors per month in 4 1/2 years.

What do we do & how do we do it?

  • The main thing that we DON'T do is come at you with a power-point deck and give you a 'vanilla' strategy to implement. We DO create a custom program for each of our clients after performing a lot of analysis on your site and its performance.
  • Analysis. We've created a client-facing data platform that we use to understand our clients' organic search traffic and to illustrate our progress towards agreed-upon goals. The analysis that we perform covers both Technical SEO as well as Content SEO
  • Technical SEO. We do complete crawls of your website and analyze how your pages are structured so that we can both understand and provide opportunities for you to improve your sites' technical SEO performance. We want your site to be: Crawlable, Indexable, and Accessible by both users and search engines.
  • Content SEO. We analyze and understand your major key terms driving traffic to understand where you have growth opportunities by understanding what traffic you can take from your competition and opportunities where you have an open opportunity (where neither you nor your competition has a foothold).

At High Peak Media, we understand that search optimization is not the best way to generate "free" traffic on the internet. With search optimization, you can generate traffic from a few content pieces for a very long time.




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