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Latest Weekly Update

Latest Weekly Update

Phase 1: Your Typical Keyterm Length:
The data to the left indicates your typical keyterm length for your search traffic is . The best chance of success in new keyterms is going to be around this length. We will target slightly longer terms to gain traction. There are many additional factors that are going to be taken into consideration, but the main one is your page rank as compared to the page rank of the existing competition for these terms. Your Page Authority is .

Competitive Terms You Earn Traffic For

Search Term Category Group Search Demand Clicks Term Length CPC Share of Term

Opportunies with 100% Relevance KeyTerms

Category Group Search Term Search Demand Term Length CPC
The table above illustrates the 100% relevant terms, their demand and term length for terms LONGER than your average length - all within categories that you currently earn traffic from (see the list directly above). This table only lists categories that represent more than 3% of your clicks. The demand below represents the demand from your categorized search terms. You have a total of impressions and clicks for the period ended

Opportunies with 25-99% Relevance KeyTerms

Category Group Search Term Term Relevance Search Demand Term Length CPC
The table above illustrates opportunities with terms that have a relevancy of between 25 and 99%. The relevancy is based on key demand metrics centered around "Best Product" and "Product Review" terms (as these are the most focused within the Consumer Journey).

Average Keyterm Length by SERP Position