Market Opportunity Assessment

We do various types of assessments for our clients that range from a very detailed Search Market assessment, to our Due Diligence reviews to support company activities such as Mergers & Acquisitions, High Level Site/Company Review, Partnership Evaluation as well as Competitive Assessments.  Each of our projects in this area are tailored to the client in question and the situation itself.

The typical engagement in this areas is viewed on a per-day basis as these analysis' can be large as well as broad.

Due Diligence Analysis

One of our specialties is in the area of due diligence.  Our expertise in online business models comes from several situations where we were on staff during early stage financing activities, IPO roadshows as well as corporate operations.  We are business model experts and user our decade of financial/accounting experience to offer an advantage over a pure SEO consultancy as our understanding of the financial implications of our joint decisions where other firms will focus on the technical, the seo and will be unable to assist in areas outside of standard relationships.

Competitive Assessment

Within any deep search assessment, you really need to understand what your competition is doing and why they are winning (or you are losing) with the efforts that you are both putting in.  Who you view as your competition may not actually be a real competitor in a particular market.  Who you should team up with, partner with, acquire, be acquired by, i.e. corporate alternatives is a unique aspect of our practice.

We will provide you with a full competitive view of how you compete - from the perspective of an external eye.


Search Market Overview


A search market overview provides an in-depth assessment as to the opportunity that you have within the world of search.  Based on the your product or content vertical the Google algorithms including RankBrain determine where searchers go based on what the perceived intent is for the search query entered by the user.

The image below illustrates an extremely high summary-level view how user intent plays into what the searcher will see.

Google SERP Presentation based on User Intent
Google SERP Presentation based on User Intent

A user will enter a search query and based on signals that this particular search term delivers to Google, google will make the determination as to the type of page and what the collection of search results it presents to the user.  In the example above, if the searcher is in the market to purchase a product there are signals within the terms that will generate different results.  A user in the early research stages of their quest may enter "what is the best widget for 2017".  This signals to Google that the user is very early in their decision process.  A term like "what's the best price for widget x" will have Google making the assertion that you are going to purchase the product right now.

What we will present to you is an overview of where you should expect to succeed in search and where you should expect to show up, but page 1 might just be out of the question.  This can be a real competitive advantage for you as you will waste less time and resources trying to compete for something that you are likely to lose at.