Our founder spent the first decade of his career in a series of financial, accounting and operational analysis roles in several different industries, and has used this experience to grow his own career.  While this type of consulting and support is not typical with an operational and marketing consultancy, we offer this support as a very unique add-on to what we do.

Why does this make sense?

All internet marketing is based on testing and retesting.  Our experience provides us with a unique perspective on how marketing expenses can and do impact your P&L.  Test results are not always straight forward and can require some additional insight that a “pure” SEO consultancy or SEM consultancy may not be able to provide.  There are times when a unique perspective is required to think through a challenge.  For example, a really great SEO strategy will always have content and potentially operational implications.  These additional items can and should be factored into the efforts that you are putting forward to achieve your goals.

What do we do?

Whenever we are engaged in a project, our eye is always geared to creating a situation that is profitable for our client.  When we provide our recommendations, we always include our perspective on the potential for additional expenses, potential revenue impacts (both positive as well as negative) as well as our perspective on the long-term ramifications of our recommendations.

Our perspective is pretty unique since the introduction we got to the online media and commerce world was in financial modelling to help companies raise capital in the first round of the wild-wild-west days of the internet.  Our efforts helped to raise money in both private and public financing rounds.  These efforts helped give us a very unique perspective about how efforts can and do influence both the top and bottom line.  As we moved more towards an operational role we were able to put this perspective into action to great success.

How can we make this work for you?

We create operational dashboards to support your KPI targets.

We provide a monthly business and operational review to provide our clients with key insights that sometimes only an outsider can see.  We aren’t ‘blinded’ by the day-to-day.

All of our analysis and assessments are customized to each client.  We can create a live-dashboard for you or a periodically updated dashboard to support what you need.

How do we get started?

Contact us to set up a consultation or just a time to see if we can help you achieve your goals.