Inc Magazine

One of the first clients of High Peak Media, Inc Magazine is a client where we are focused on multiple projects.  The first project is our bread-and-butter Search Optimization.  Inc has moved into the ranks of the top 1,000 web sites in the world during our tenure.

The other part of our engagement is to develop a new revenue stream beyond CPM-based advertising revenue.  We have increased the Lead Generation revenue of Inc by nearly 500% over the last 2 years.


US Chamber of Commerce

Our major project of 2018 was with the US Chamber of Commerce.  In February of 2019 the US Chamber is launching an initiative called 'CO--'.  CO was developed by the US Chamber to support the needs of small business and entrepreneurs across America and to provide them with a place to connect with each other as well as prospective clients and customers.

High Peak Media was instrumental in developing the launch content strategy, including hiring writers to create all of the content for launch.  High Peak Media is continuing the work in 2019 that we started in 2018.

Technology Product/Review


The founder of High Peak Media, Kurt Tietjen has been an advisor to GearBrain since its inception 18 months ago.  GearBrain has achieved incredible growth and 2017 will be an exceptional year for founder Mark Westlake and his team.  The work that we have been doing with GB has centered around content strategy and traffic optimization and growth.

Since High Peak Media became involved with GearBrain, GearBrain has more than doubled in traffic each year.

We also did the development of the first version of THE Gearbrain, their Internet of Things Decision Engine.

B2C eCommerce

Claire Burke

Claire Burke is a well-established home fragrance brand that has been around for 60 years.

Claire Burke came to High Peak Media very early and was one of our first clients.  High Peak Media provides Search Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Analytics and other marketing services for Claire Burke.

Orders from the Search Channels have grown over the last 2 years and eCommerce continues to be an important sales channel for the company.

Many Other Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with many other clients since our launch in September of 2016.

Our most important criteria for working with a new client is that we have to find the work to be interesting.  We have worked on all aspects of content marketing, with a focus on Search Optimization as well as content strategy and content operations.  We have developed a team of over 25 writers across a number of disciplines to augment our services.

Financial News Site


FintekNews was created to fill that void and provide our site visitors and newsletter subscribers with a quick glimpse at the top stories of the day within multiple categories, or silos, of Fintech.

FintekNews is brought to you by veteran media & financial experts, with a passion for the Fintech category.

High Peak Media was an audience advisor to the company prior to being acquired in the second quarter of 2018