Technology Product/Review


The founder of High Peak Media, Kurt Tietjen has been an advisor to GearBrain since its inception 18 months ago.  GearBrain has achieved incredible growth and 2017 will be an exceptional year for founder Mark Westlake and his team.  The work that we have been doing with GB has centered around content strategy and traffic optimization and growth.

Financial News Site


FintekNews was created to fill that void and provide our site visitors and newsletter subscribers with a quick glimpse at the top stories of the day within multiple categories, or silos, of Fintech.

FintekNews is brought to you by veteran media & financial experts, with a passion for the Fintech category.

High Peak Meda is working with the company on Content Strategy, SEO and Audience initiatives.

Personal Finance Site


FinPlan is a personal finance and financial tool site, obviously geared towards the individual and their personal life.  A collection of content and financial calculators.

We work closely with FinPlan on their search optimization, initially related to a redesign and now no an ongoing basis.