Below are some of the questions that we get most often from prospective clients as well as existing ones.  We find it useful to share some of these with you here.

How long will my SEO improvements take?

Being that I'm an old finance and accounting guy, the typical answer is that It Depends.  It really does depend, and it depends on exactly what the problems are that we are trying to solve for.  The range can be anywhere from overnight all the way to I Don't Know.

There are some SEO and other changes that can be made that will create an instant change, like the inclusion of Open Graph tags in the header of a page for local search purposes.  If you are trying to recover from a Google penalty, first shame on you, but there is no set time frame for recovering from a penalty.  You might have to wait until the next algorithm or penalty update to get pushed out to see an improvement.

We DO have one thing that we tell clients based on our experience.  If you are redesigning your website, there's a period of time where the search engines are trying to figure out what it is that changed and why.  We refer to this as the Search Settlement Period.  Our experience has shown that this takes between 8 and 12 weeks.  This can be shorter for small sites or longer for large sites but this is the range that is most frequently observed.

How do you customize your engagement for our needs?

This is actually a pretty simple question.  We customize every engagement by doing some fairly extensive research and analysis on the data that you can provide for us.  We also talk with you.  We don't talk at you.  What you have to say is actually far more important - up front - than what we have to say.  We do turn that around by the end of our engagement to telling you what needs to happen, but it all starts with your needs.

Show me some proof of your success!

Please feel free to take a look at our Portfolio for some case studies where we've had success, or please give us a call (or send an email) and we'll be happy to provide you with some references.  Have a look at our client portfolio page.


Is Content Creation Included?

All of our services are priced based on what our clients need.  If you either don't have a content team or you don't have the RIGHT content team, we have developed a network of writers and editors to support our projects.  Sometimes we include some content as part of our engagement, but we typically customize this portion of our engagement to fit your needs as content creation can get expensive.


What kind of support do you provide?

In addition to our client support portal, we typically provide one-on-one client time where we at least do a periodic phone call, a screen-share call (provided by JoinMe) or if you are local, periodic face-to-face sessions.

Again, we customize this for each of our clients.  Things can change over time along with this support, but we never surprise our clients by disappearing.